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Kristof Coussement

My name is Kristof Coussement (PhD). I am Full Professor of Marketing Analytics, Director of IÉSEG’s Expertise Center for Marketing Analytics, and Academic Director of the MSc. in Big Data Analytics for Business at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille|Paris, France) (EQUIS,AACSB,AMBA). I teach several marketing courses including “Customer Relationship Management” and “Database Marketing” in which participants are taught the theoretical principles of all aspects in operational and analytical CRM and the methodological foundations of predictive marketing modeling. My main research interests are all aspects in Customer Intelligence and Social Media & Online Community Intelligence using data- and text-mining techniques. I have published in international peer-reviewed journals like Decision Support Systems, Information & ManagementInternational Journal of Information ManagementEuropean Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Product Innovation ManagementJournal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Expert Systems with Applications, Knowledge-based Systems, among others. Improving my ‘practical’ experience over the years by doing several real-life projects in a different number of industries, my main focus lies on doing profound academic research with a high-added value to business.

In February 2009, a long-term research collaboration with Python Predictions was set up in order to fine-tuning existing methodologies and setting up innovative research projects. The purpose of this research-related project is creating win-win effects on different surfaces. As an academic researcher, it is great to work together with and get supported by the niche player in the Belgian CI scene.

Moreover, I am founder and committee member of BAQMaR, i.e. the Belgian Association for Quantitative & Qualitative Marketing Research. BAQMaR offers its members a network of quantitative and qualitative marketing researchers. The events and the annual conference offer the possibility to get in touch with people having a job in traditional marketing research, e-research, data mining, customer intelligence and business intelligence, both at the agency side and in different kinds of industries. It is a platform to extend and/or establish valuable relationships in the field of marketing research, to stay connected with colleagues in your interest field! In times of rapid changes and never lasting marketing research methodologies, BAQMaR offers it’s community the possibility to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques through its online platform www.BAQMaR.eu.