Supervision of PhD Students

  1. Juliana Sanchez-Ramirez | 2022-…
    • Topic: Ethical Perspectives of AI: How to Avoid Algorithmic Bias & Decision Making?
    • Keywords: algorithmic bias; CNN; LSTM; usage data; churn prediction
  2. Minh Phan | 2017-….
    • Topic: Innovations in Learning Analytics: A Data Science Approach
    • Keywords: learning analytics; student dropout; text analytics; logit leaf model; student feedback; visualization
  3. Philipp Borchert | 2020-…
    • Topic: Investigating the Beneficial Impact of Unstructured Data in Business
    • Keywords: CNN; BERT; doc2vec; text analytics, business failure prediction
  4. Stephanie Beyer-Diaz | 2020-2024
    • Topic: Data-driven Innovations in the Financial Services Sector
    • Keywords: cross-selling; LSTM
  5. Yuan Yuan Zhu | 2020-2024
    • Topic: Enhancing Advertising Effectiveness Through Emotions
    • Keywords: web scraping, image mining, text analytics, video analytics
  6. Emil Guliyev | 2020-2024
    • Topic: Essays on Churn Modeling
    • Keywords: logit leaf model; uplift modeling; design of experiments
  7. Khaoula Idbenjra | 2020-2023
    • Topic: Essays on Segmented-Modeling Approaches for Business Analytical Applications
    • Keywords: uplift modeling; churn prediction; credit scoring, logit leaf model
  8. Arno De Caigny | 2016-2019
    • Topic: Innovation in Customer Scoring for the Financial Services Industry
    • Keywords: text analytics; deep learning; convolutional neural networks, logit leaf model, churn prediction, life event prediction
  9. Cristina Ciobanu | 2016-2019
    • Topic: Augmenting Store Efficiency Evaluation with Customer Analytics
    • Keywords: data envelopment analysis (DEA); efficiency; retail
  10. Steven Debaere | 2014-2017
    • Topic: Proactive Inferior Member Participation Management In Innovation Communities
    • Keywords: multi-label classification; inferior member prediction; text analytics; uplift modeling; design of experiments
  11. Stijn Geuens | 2014-2017
    • Topic: Personalization in E-Commerce: A Procedure to Create and Evaluate Business Relevant Recommendation System
    • Keywords: website personalization; recommendation systems; collaborative filtering; online purchase funnel modeling

Member of External PhD Committees

  1. Jean-Marie John-Mathews | 2021
    • Topic: AI Ethics in Practice: Challenges and Limitations
    • Institution: University Paris-Saclay
    • Supervisors: Prof. dr. Christine Balagué & Prof. dr. Dominique Cardon
  2. Diego A. Olaya Lasso | 2021
    • Topic: Essays on Causal Machine Learning for Decision-Making
    • Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)
    • Supervisors: Prof. dr. Wouter Verbeke & Prof. dr. Marie-Anne Guerry
  3. Wai Kit Tsang | 2020
    • Topic: Essays on Interpretable Machine Learning with Time Series Applications
    • Institution: Ghent University (Belgium)
    • Supervisor: Prof. D. Benoit
  4. Michela Vezzoli | 2019
    • Topic: If We Have Data, Let Them Talk: The Use of Big Data and Data Mining in Psychology
    • Institution: Università Degli Studi Di Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
    • Supervisor: Prof. C. Zogmaister
  5. Floris Devriendt | 2019
    • Topic: Uplift Modeling: State-of-the-art and Novel Approaches
    • Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)
    • Supervisor: Prof. W. Verbeke
  6. Michael Reusens | 2018
    • Topic: Towards a Better Understanding of Recommender Systems in the Labor
    • Institution: KU Leuven (Belgium)
    • Supervisors: Prof. W. Lemahieu; Prof. B. Baesens; Prof. L. Sels
  7. Libo Li | 2016
    • Topic: Essays on Relational and Time to Event Analysis
    • Institution: KU Leuven (Belgium)
    • Supervisors: Prof. B. Baesens, Prof. F. Goethals, Prof. M. Snoeck
  8. Johanna Brunneder | 2015
    • Topic:On the Determinants of Stakeholder Involvement in Value Co-creation
    • Institution: Geneva School of Economics and Management (Switzerland)
    • Supervisor: Prof. M. Paulssen

Supervision of HDR candidates

  1. Prof. dr. Stefan Creemers | 2019-2020
    • Topic: Project Scheduling with Maximum eNPV Objective
    • Institution: CNRS LEM UMR 9221 – University of Lille (France)

Research Funding

  1. K. Coussement, Lies Bouten, Towards Deeper Insights in Sustainability Reporting Practices Using Text Analytics, IESEG School of Management (2023), €110,000.
  2. A. De Caigny, W. Standaert, M. Szerovay, K. Coussement, M. Meire, Towards More Inclusive Fan Engagement, UEFA (2022), €20,000.
  3. A. De Caigny, K. Coussement, L. Waardenburg, D.F. Benoit, Ethical Perspectives of AI: How to Avoid Algorithmic Bias & Decision Making?, Hauts-de-France Regional Council Grant (2022), €110,000.
  4. R.L. Gruner, P. Harrigan, S. Wang, K. Coussement, J. Weismuller, Misinformation, Polarisation, and COVID-19, University of Western Australia COVID-19 Research Grants (2020), $4,591 AUD.
  5. K. Coussement, Integrated Direct Marketing Modeling, CIFRE Grant Oney Bank (2020), €99,000.
  6. K. Coussement, A. De Caigny, Advanced Topics in Data Science, Crédit Agricole Research Chair Grant (2020), €360,000.
  7. K. Coussement, Innovation in B2B Partner Retention Management Through Uplift Modeling, Enfocus Research Chair Grant (2019), €105,000.
  8. Z. Ma, C. Ranaweera, K. Coussement, Investigating the Impact of Online Word of Mouth on Innovation Diffusion: A Multidimensional Approach to Capturing Consumer Online Sentiment, Insight Grant – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2017), $228,936 CAD.
  9. P. Harrigan, D. Schepis, K. Coussement, The Application of Social Media for CSR in the Resources Sector, BHP Billiton Research Awards (2017), $9,938 AUD.
  10. K. Coussement, K.W. De Bock, Improving Store Efficiency through Big Data Analytics, Adéo/Leroy Merlin Research Chair Grant (2016), €97,000.
  11. K. Coussement, K.W. De Bock, Improving Traditional Marketing Analytics through Audio and Text Mining, Crédit Agricole Research Chair Grant (2016), €103,000.
  12. K. Coussement, Proactive Inferior Member Participation Management in Innovation Communities, Hauts-de-France Regional Council Grant (2014), €110,000.
  13. K. Coussement, K.W. De Bock, Personalization in E-commerce: A Procedure to Create and Evaluate Business Relevant Recommendation Systems, CIFRE Grant La Redoute (2013), €107,000.
  14. K. Coussement, Issues in Customer Intelligence : Data and Method Creativity to Improve Marketing Decision Making, BOF Doctoral Research Grant, Ghent University (2005), €120,000.

Review Activities

  • Since 2023: Co-Editor Special Section Data Science at Annals of Operations Research
  • Since 2019: Senior Editor on the editorial board at Decision Support Systems
  • Since 2018: Reviewer at Information Sciences
  • Since 2014: Reviewer at Expert Systems with Applications
  • Since 2013: Reviewer at Decision Support Systems
  • Since 2010: Reviewer at European Journal of Operational Research